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PayPal! You answer, we deposit, you get a confirmation. It may take a few minutes to show up after you answer. We send payments to PayPal based on the email address you gave us when you registered! If you gave us a different address, dont worry! Just go back to your Profile page and you can change your email address.

Simple! Login to your Profile page and change the email address from there.

No worries! When you make your first $0.50, PayPal will send you an email telling you exactly how to claim your money!

Don’t panic, they’re coming. Our customers ask the questions—not us. At 1Q we’re changing the industry to get you paid for your answers, but change takes time.

We don’t generate the questions, our customers do, and they choose who the questions go to based on demographics and geographics (where people are located). It is normal not to receive a question right away. You might not even receive a question for a week or more. It just depends on who you are, where you are, and who our customers are targeting.

There are, however some ways you can increase the number of questions you get. Note that none of these are mandatory, but will certainly help you get more questions!

1) If you aren’t using our mobile app, go ahead and download it! It’s much easier to use, plus many more questions go to people who are using our app and have enabled location services.

2) If you are using our app, make sure you have enabled location services for 1Q on your phone. Again, many questions are sent to users based on their location. You'll get more questions if you enable location services!

3) And, finally, if you really want to maximize the number of questions you get, give us permission to post to Facebook, no more than once per week after the first couple of payments, when we pay you. To enable this feature, go to your Dashboard!

Also, if you really want to make some money NOW, post/email your unique 1Q referral link whenever our referral program is active. You can access this link at your dashboard Dashboard page and also see if the program is currently active. When active, we will pay you, instantly, every time someone registers at 1Q by clicking YOUR link!

Right now we're slowly rolling out new countries. But in the meantime, please provide us your email address at 1Q Coming Soon and we'll email you when your country is available!

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